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  • How soon can I see the results?
    Our customers have seen a lot of results in as little as a week, some as months. We recommend using our products consistently for the best result.
  • Does this product really work?
    Yes, it works but the result may vary because everyone is different.
  • What are the ingredients?
    We try to use the best ingredients possible, but you may visit the website to see the ingredients.
  • Do Beautanix Lush Products work for all hair types/textures?
    Yes, our products work for all curls type and textures
  • What should I buy first?
    We recommend trying out our best-selling growth oil and Hot oil treatment also you are welcome to try our Blossom set.
  • Can your products be used on children? 
    Yes, but some children may have allergic reactions to certain herbs and oils. Although we use the safest ingredients, we recommend checking with your child's provider first.
  • Do I need the whole line or can I just use the serum?
    It is always best to Use the line for the best result.
  • Can you use your products on relaxed or permed hair?
    Yes, our product works well for all hair types. Either colored treated, permed or relaxed.
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